Kvarteret Interview w/ Eat It crew

July 29, 2019

With Pride week closely approaching, Kvarteret will host its own celebration of this special occasion on the 3rd of August by inviting the crew behind Eat It to take over the venue and transform it with their own very known concept and sound. This year Eat It will home four different queer collectives from Stockholms night scene such as Opulent, Drömfakulteten, Uranus and Faggotry as well as combining audiovisual creatives from some of Stockholms’ most forward-thinking artists and performers.  


Hello Eat It, crew! We are so excited about the 3rd of August! Let’s begin with some introductions – who are the people behind EAT IT? 

We are thrilled to throw this year’s most relevant queer party during Stockholm Pride. No tea no shade. We are three friends that found a common interest in bridging queer expressions with club culture in the dying Stockholm night scene. Linnea Arminda is a visual artist, fag hag and a concept developer. Alligoria is a musician and a professional Rick Owens look alike. Frank-Adam Hagman is a performance artist, merch maker and the latest it-gay, according to many.


Can you describe the concept of Eat It to the public? 

Eat It is one of several concepts that we are working on right now. With this club night, we want to gather different queer collectives and creators, that touch different parts of the community, during one night. We want you all to Eat It.


What’s on the menu for the 3rd of August at Eat It? 

On the menu, we have the legendary Juliana Huxtable who is flying in from New York. Fashion designer Eklund Eklund is hosting the party with friends. Frank-Adam Hagman and Claudia Sniffer will be entertaining you all on stage. But this is just the precourse of the smorgasbord that we will serve you.


What are the core values of Eat It and how do you go about showing them to the people that follow your concept?

Within the queer community, there has always been an underlying competition that stems from the toxicities that we have been exposed to in our society. Therefore we want to create a scaffolding for a healthy community. We are speaking to the LGBTQ+ community, and the LGBTQ+ community only. Everyone else is more than welcome to join and get saved from hetro hell.


In terms of art and creatives, how would you describe your concept? 

We want to give the club scene a facelift. 


Best clubbing experience you had so far?
Our own parties are always real good time. 


Best city to party and why? 

It might not be in Sweden, but let’s change that!



By Maria Pelagia for Kvarteret

Poster credit: Agga Anne Mette Stage and Alex Söder.


FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/482528159150487/

LINNEA ARMINDA: https://www.instagram.com/linneaarminda/

ALLIGORIA: https://www.instagram.com/alligoria__/

FRANK-ADAM HAGMAN: https://www.instagram.com/frankadamhagman/