Mr.Ties B2B Fabio Scali @ Kvarteret

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For the next party, Kvarteret is inviting our local talent Italian DJ Fabio Scali together with the host of Homopatik- Mr.Ties, who has hosted some of the most legendary parties in Berlin.

Now is the time for you to experience those two crazy Italians that for the first time are playing B2B. Charismatic melodies and rhythms of early house and the rawness of today’s underground music will give you a new experience, vision, emotion on the dance floor! And let’s not forget that this will take place at an open-air space. Can it get any better?!

Mr. Ties & Fabio Scali

Mr. Ties is among the newest, most important and innovative figures in the music scene – on many levels… Attempting to define Mr Ties, the first word that comes to mind is unclassifiable.

He combines eclectic choices with an ample capacity to meld styles, genres and customs to communicate his own sense of music in its purest essence. The most appropriate definition is that he is at once an artisan and – regarding his meticulous and involved connection to music – an artist.

Fabio Scali is a Stockholm based Italian artist. He started out in 2015 with a simple mission of bringing happiness and self-expression to the dance floor, and leaving boundaries at the front door.

He began working on projects and hosting parties in Stockholm, presenting artists like Half Baked and Jon Talabot. But it was when he collaborated behind the DJ booth, that his talent was realized.