Kvarteret presents: Mystery Affair w/Luci Lux

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Mystery’s “Hypnodance & Magic Spells” set runs between Techno, Dark disco, Nu Disco & House. For 7 years her talent and charisma have led her to play in the best clubs around the world.

It was about time then that we book Mystery Affair to play at our venue for the first time.

Together with Mystery, we have also invited Luci Lux whom you should also be familiar with since she has been DjJng quite often around Scandinavia at events such as Department, Distortion, Slakthuset, and Bastun among others.

This is a free entry event.

Bring your friends, your best summer mode and come dance with us in our open air venue. Let’s make memories that last. 💛

✔️Summer Drinks (non-alcoholic also included)
✔️Tattoo Studio
✔️Chill area
✔️Good Music

Line up:

Mystery Affair (MEX) (Favorita Records)

Luci Lux (Dromedar)